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Adventure № 1

When’s the last time you spent your vacation chasing giants?

Planning your trip to Cherokee isn’t work. In fact, to make it extra fun and work-free, we’ve stitched together some sample itineraries for you to try or be inspired by. The first starts with your pursuit of the Cherokee giant, Judaculla…

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Adventure № 2

Making Cherokee your color-hunting headquarters.

Everyone knows the mountains of Western North Carolina offer some of the most vibrant fall color displays anywhere. But did you know Cherokee makes the ideal location for leaf watchers, and is a great place to begin and end your Technicolor itinerary?

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Adventure № 3

Fun doesn’t have to mean moving a million miles an hour.

Cherokee offers several days' worth of vacation ideas that take a more serene approach to having fun. We’ve created a sample trip that emphasizes relaxation, for those looking to de-stress and reconnect with nature as only the Cherokee people can uniquely provide.

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Sample Trips