Winter in Cherokee

Fun, Indoor Activities to Do in Winter

Exploring Cherokee during the winter is a truly exquisite experience, offering abundant opportunities for both enrichment and enjoyment, especially on those cozy, chillier days.

Dive deep into the authentic culture of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians by taking part in the multitude of indoor attractions awaiting you right here in Cherokee.

Museum of the Cherokee People

Embark on your summer adventure at the Museum of the Cherokee People, where history and culture come alive. Connect with our Atsila Anotasgi Cultural Specialists, who will guide you through traditional Cherokee cultural practices, including captivating storytelling, intricate finger-weaving, and exquisite wood carving.

And be sure to take a piece of Cherokee history and culture with you from our Museum Store. Discover an array of books, home goods, accessories, and clothing items from Native brands, thoughtfully crafted by our talented Cherokee artists.

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Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual Inc.

Take part in all the mesmerizing details of Cherokee handcrafted treasures, all the while immersing yourself in the personal stories shared by our artists. Qualla Arts and Crafts Mutual Inc. is dedicated to weaving history and culture into our wide-ranging collection of enduring, handmade crafts, all thoughtfully crafted and available for purchase from our local artisans.

Step into our unique gallery and shopping experience, where you’ll uncover a thoughtfully curated selection of items created with precision by more than 350 Cherokee artisan members.

Scenic Winter-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Venture beyond your comfort zone and engage in the wealth of winter outdoor activities that Cherokee has to offer. Whether you seek a thrilling family escapade or simply wish to bask in the serene beauty of Cherokee in solitude, there’s a constant stream of novel and exhilarating experiences to uncover on your trip.

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Fire Mountain Trails

Begin your exploration of the beloved Fire Mountain Trails, an extensive multiuse trail network built for nature enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether your passion is biking, hiking, or running, this 11-mile trail system offers you the opportunity to experience a wealth of natural beauty along the way.

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In Cherokee, winter brings a unique charm to the fishing experience. Despite the colder temperatures, trout fishing remains excellent throughout the season. With fewer anglers on the water, it’s an ideal time to enjoy the peaceful serenity of the rivers and streams.

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Sequoyah National Golf Club

Witness Cherokee from a contemporary perspective at the Sequoyah National Golf Club, an exquisite creation by the renowned architect Robert Trent Jones II. Enjoy a leisurely round of golf amidst breathtaking mountain vistas, ushering in a refreshing and modern approach to your Cherokee experience.


Cherokee Bears

Engage with the Cherokee Bears project, an inspiring initiative designed to exhibit the exquisite artistry of the Cherokee community. Inaugurated in 2005, the Bears Project was conceived to empower the many skilled artists residing within the Qualla Boundary, giving them a platform to communicate through their art.

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Bird Watching

Revel in the sounds of Cherokee’s native songbirds as they share their stories of love, adventure, and history while perched on the picturesque trees and branches that adorn the scenic trails through the forests and mountains. Cherokee offers an endless array of birdwatching opportunities.

elk in the snow among trees

Elk Viewing

In Cherokee, these regal animals returned in the early 2000s after a 200-year hiatus. Observing these majestic creatures in their natural surroundings brings you in touch with nature, offering a firsthand glimpse into the fascinating routines of this stunning species.

horses head taken by rider from behind while in motion

Horseback Riding

Go back in time and travel the scenic routes of Cherokee by foot – or should we say, by hoof! Explore the beauty of Cherokee on a wonderful horseback riding adventure. View the lush greenery, the amazing animals, the culture, and the trails that make Cherokee one of the most amazing places to see. Your walk through history starts today.

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Visit Cherokee, North Carolina All Year Round

Ready to start your adventure? Plan your next trip to Cherokee, North Carolina today and experience springtime like never before!