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A Celebration of Culture & Community at the 104th Annual Cherokee Indian Fair, Oct 4–8

Tradition, games, food, and the laughter of joyful children mark the 104th annual Cherokee Indian Fair that takes place Tuesday, October 4, through Saturday, October 8. Check out the traditional stickball games, crafts, food vendors, rides, games, and prizes. There’s also live entertainment.

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Top 5 Trees You’ll Likely See During a Fall Visit to Cherokee

As we move into the crisp months of autumn, deciduous foliage in Cherokee begins to show splendid displays of color. Many factors affect the timing and brilliance of fall foliage and 2016 is slated to be even better--and brighter--than last year. Naturalist and botanist Dan Pittillo, a retired professor of biology who taught at Western Carolina University for 40 years, shares his insights on fall foliage you can expect to see in and around Cherokee, NC. 

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Come to the 2016 Seven Clans Rodeo

Get out your finest western wear and cowboy hat, because it is time for the fourth annual Seven Clans Rodeo in Cherokee, North Carolina. Yeehaw! Broncos, bulls, and rodeo clowns, oh my! Learn all the details here.

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Unto These Hills: More Than a Play

To Mike Crowe, a Cherokee native who has performed in Unto These Hills for the last ten seasons, the play is more than a performance; it's a calling. "I feel it's a duty to our ancestors to bring these events to life and to allow the outside world to have a perspective on the events that transpired, and how they've shaped us as a people.” Read the blog for more commentary from the Unto These Hills 2016 cast. 

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Unto These Hills: 66 Years & Counting

Unto These Hills is one of the oldest historical dramas in the United States. It opened in Cherokee, NC, on July 1st, 1950, to critical acclaim, and has since thrilled millions of visitors, with many families returning year after year to watch the performance under a canopy of Cherokee stars. Check out these pictures from then and now to see how the drama, and venue, has changed in the last 66 years. 

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