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Bet You Didn’t Know This About the Sequoyah Statue in Cherokee!

If you’ve visited the Museum of the Cherokee Indian in Cherokee, NC, within the last 30 years, you probably noticed a massive 22-foot tall wooden bust of Sequoyah just outside the building’s entrance. Its beauty and magnificence are hard to miss! But do you know the story of why a Hungarian-born American felt called to sculpt this statue—and a similar one in each of the 50 states— for free?

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A Visitors Guide to Hiking Cherokee, NC

To help you plan your next outdoor adventure in Cherokee, we put together this guide of 13 hikes organized by driving distance. Choose your own adventure: waterfalls, scenic overlooks, creeks, streams, and wildflowers are all within reach! Discover a nice mix of easy hikes for the whole family, as well as some more moderate hikes if you’re looking for a challenge. (Photo by AndreDPhotography)

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Keeping the Cherokee Language Alive: Teaching College Students & Adult Second Language Learners

More than just a means of communication, language is intrinsic to cultural identity and group solidarity. For the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, their native tongue is in danger of being lost. In this post, we look at some of the successful courses and resources that help college students and adults, who had no prior experience speaking or reading Cherokee, begin to master the language.

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Keeping the Cherokee Language Alive: Teaching Children Early On

Many people have been involved in language preservation efforts on the Qualla Boundary and Snowbird community in Graham County. In this blog post, we wanted to outline some of the ways in which efforts by innovators, instructors, elders, and educators are helping to teach children the Cherokee language.

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If You Love Cherokee, NC, You Need to Follow These 6 Instagrammers

There’s so much creativity coming out of Cherokee, NC, that it’s no surprise there’s a growing scene on Instagram of makers, explorers, and everyday citizens documenting the beauty of this land, and the rich culture that makes Cherokee so special. Whether they lean toward landscapes or portraits, these Instagrammers offer a day-in-the-life look at Cherokee.

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