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Get a Permit to Fish in Cherokee, North Carolina

Ready to fish the beautiful waters in Cherokee, but don’t have a fishing permit? No problem! We make purchasing a fishing permit easy. Simply, follow these steps and you’ll be that much closer to a relaxing day in nature.


How to Purchase a Permit to Fish

In order to fish, you’ll need a permit and that’s where we can help you. If you already have a fishing permit, then you’ll know that you need a seven-digit sportsman number.

If you don’t know what a sportsman number is, follow these steps and we’ll start you with registration. If you do have a sportsman number and are ready to buy a permit, get started here.

Step 1: Register for Sportsman Number

Upon registering, you’ll immediately receive your tribal sportsman number. It will be located above your name.

Step 2: Purchase a Fishing Permit

Next, you’ll purchase a sport fishing license which you can use for land fishing, boat fishing, etc. Once purchased, simply print from your home computer.

Optional Step: Find a Licensed Sales Agent

If you’d like to purchase a permit while in Cherokee, we’ve made finding a licensed sales agent simple and easy. See a full list of Licensed Sales Agents.


Requirements for Fishing Permits in Cherokee, North Carolina

While fishing on the Qualla Boundary you must carry your tribal permit with you at all times. No exceptions.

For questions on our requirements, please contact us by calling 828-359-6110 or visiting

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