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Camping Activities: Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation

The Best Camping Activities for Kids and Adults

Whether you’re camping with a crowd or simply going for an adventure alone, camping is one of the best and most relaxing ways to vacation. The walking paths, the sense of community, the adventures of meeting new people, and most importantly, the activities are the reason why, according to a 2021 statistic from the North American Camping Report, around 48 million households enjoyed the hobby that year.

If you’re new to camping or are looking for new activities to try out this year, we’re here to help with our top 10 camping activities – perfect for both kids and adults. Keep reading to learn about our suggested adventures and a few benefits to camping you may not know!

Key Benefits of Camping

There are numerous benefits to camping – all of which could be its own dedicated blog post, but to keep things concise, we’ll tell you our four favorite benefits of camping that you can pull out the next time you friend suggests going to a hotel instead.

Relationship Building

If you’re looking to reconnect with your family and friends, the best thing you can do is plan a camping trip. There’s nothing like collectively sitting around a fire and talking about memories, future plans, and current events that brings people together.

Learn New Skills

Whether you’re an expert or it’s your first-time camping, there is something to learn each time you do it. From setting up a tent and building a fire, to learning about the grounds you’re staying on, camping offers a wonderful chance to learn a new set of skills.

Reduce Stress

Nothing eases the stress of a tough week like a weekend camping trip. Being in nature, limiting usage of your phone, and talking to your friends and family does wonders for improving mental health and calming your mind.

Improve Physical Health

Camping is not only great for improving mental health, but physical health, as well. Hiking, rowing, swimming, bike riding – even setting up a tent/camper is a great way to keep your body moving.

10 Camping Activities to Try on Your Next Vacation

Now that you know why camping is so beneficial, here are some activities you can do to really impress the kiddos and friends and up your camping game!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are the perfect way to get adults and kids together for an adventure they’re not likely to forget! Adults can spend time setting up objects around the campground, with clues to their location. Afterwards, the kids can go explore while the adults can sit back and relax.


Now, this game will be called something different depending on your location, but it is still, undeniably, one of the most fun camping games around – especially for adults. On your next camping trip, grab a pair of cornhole/bag board as well as a few of your most competitive friends and let the good times roll!

Bike Riding

If you’re a fan of bike riding, camping is the perfect activity for you. There are always amazing bike riding paths at campsites and nearby state parks, so we recommend doing a pre-search before you leave and finding an adventurous, scenic path to take.


Hiking is the perfect activity if you’re camping at a national park! Seeing nature in its purest form, experiencing the sounds and smells of the great outdoors, and doing it with family and friends is the perfect form of physical escapism.

Campfire Stories

Having kids requires constant entertainment and there’s truly nothing better than nights around the campfire with a spooky story. We recommend picking up a fun short story collection for the next camping trip – you won’t regret it.


For the adventure lovers, there’s nothing better than riding the river waves on a kayak trip! We can’t recommend Oconaluftee Islands Park enough for a fun, action-packed day of kayaking, canoeing, or tubing with the family.

Group Campfire Games

Group campfire games are the perfect way to get everyone together after a meal and have some fun. We love the Telephone Game, where everyone sits in a circle and says a phrase to the person on their right. By the time the phrase comes back to the initial person, it’s usually nothing close to the original and is loads of fun for kids and adults, alike.


Fishing is the perfect camping activity for all ages. Whether you’re 10 or 65, spending a day on the water, being a part of nature, and catching fish is a great way to spend a camping day.

Playing Cards

Camping activities don’t have to be expensive. In fact, the best ones usually aren’t – including cards. Bring a deck or two on your next camping adventure and have some friendly competition between friends and family on the picnic table.

A Smore’s Competition

Finally, to complete our camping activities list, we’ll leave you with our personal favorite: a smore’s competition. This is perfect for kiddos and adults and can be a great bonding activity. Simply, grab your graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow and see who can make the best, most unique smore! The best part? There’s never a loser.

Plan Your Next Camping Trip to Cherokee, North Carolina!

Ready to start your next camping adventure? Come visit us in Cherokee, North Carolina and experience the fun, action-packed adventure that’s right outside your door. From outdoor drama experiences and fire mountain trails, to our Oconaluftee Indian Village, and more, we’ve got all the makings of a perfect camping getaway trip!

For more information on camping activities or to stay with us, please contact us today! 

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