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Top 10 Things to Do in Cherokee This Spring

Wondering what to do in Cherokee this spring? Whether you're interested in exploring history, live cultural performances, and arts and crafts, or if you want to get outside for golfing, fishing, or amazing nature hikes with waterfalls, it's all in Cherokee and it's all on the list. Check it out!

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Tattoos: A Language Beyond Communal Bounds.

Before the development of the Cherokee written language, tattoos were used to identify one another in historic societies, and were especially prevalent among warriors, who had to earn their marks. We talked to Mike Crowe, one of the Atsila Anotasgi Cultural Specialists at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, to find out more about traditional tattoos and practices of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.  

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What’s Your Perfect Cherokee Season?

Wondering when the best time of year is to visit Cherokee? Whether you’re seeking a quiet getaway to enjoy nature or craving more personal connection and cultural exploration, there’s a Cherokee season just for you! After all, Cherokee offers something for everyone, 365 days a year.

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Your Hands Tell a Story: The Photos of Kristy Herron

“I think your hands say a lot about you, and what you do with them. I like the ones that have a story to tell. And I try to tell that story in my photos,” says photographer Kristy Herron. For her hands photo series, Kristy tries to stick with traditional crafts, but she also takes photos of hands in other scenarios that she finds interesting. Take a look! 

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Meet the Atsila Anotasgi Cultural Specialists at the Museum of the Cherokee Indian

Meet the Atsila Anotasgi Cultural Specialists, a group of highly knowledgeable and skilled cultural ambassadors for Cherokee, based out of the Museum of the Cherokee Indian. Their name means “fire builders” and their mission is to share traditional aspects of Cherokee culture with the rest of the world. 

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