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Staff and Contact Information:
For email correspondence in regards to enrollment requirements or questions about your genealogy please contact Nakeysha.

Kathie McCoy, Assistant Enrollment Officer: For information about the status of your Enrollment Application or correspondence with other tribes please contact Kathie:, Phone#: (828)497-8111, Fax: (828)497-8199.

Nancy Maney, Enrollment Officer: If you have information about an Enrolled Member of the Eastern band of Cherokee Indians that has passed away please contact Nancy. Also any questions pertaining to Minors Reserve Distribution may be forwarded to Nancy:, Phone#: (828)497-8110, Fax: (828)497-8199.

Nakeysha Kemp, Enrollment Clerk: For enrollment requirements and correspondence, questions about enrollment updates for enrolled members, Ancestry Charts for enrolled and non -enrolled persons, and direct deposit authorizations please contact Nakeysha:, Phone#: (828)497-8112, Fax#(828)497-8199

Melanie Lambert, Enrollment Records Clerk: For enrollment questions in general & Information about Enrollment Cards please contact Melanie:, Phone#: (828)497-8109, Fax#: (828)497-8199

A Message from the Staff at the Qualla Library

The genealogy section of the Qualla Boundary Public Library is housed in the Mary Chiltoskie Cultural Room. The public is welcome and encouraged to utilize all research materials that are housed here. Those items can only be used with in that room they are not available for check out. We house around 348 rolls of microfilm. Due to small staff we can not provide a research service, however when you come in to do research we will be happy to assist you anyway that we can. We have limited county